Are you looking to acquire a business and need advice from a professional?

Our buy-side M&A advice services can assist you in maximizing the return on your investment while navigating the challenging process of buying a company.

We work together with you to comprehend your aims and objectives before creating a unique approach to help your organization succeed in a one-on-one negotiation or in a bidding process. No matter whether you are acquiring a technology, a market share, making an international expansion, looking for vertical integration or simply business diversification. Once we understand your goals, we will do the work of finding a suitable transaction structure for all parties involved.

Our buy-side M&A advisory services include:

  • Strategy and structure: We work with you to develop a clear plan for acquiring a business, including identifying potential target companies and developing a timeline for the process.
  • Valuation: We help you determine the value of the business you are considering acquiring and submit the best possible, still satisfactory price.
  • Due diligence: We assist with all aspects of due diligence, starting with overall coordination, deal team recommendation, reviewing of commercially important financial and business documents, conducting market research, and assessing the risks and opportunities of the acquisition.
  • Negotiation & closing: We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best possible terms for the acquisition of the business.

Don’t go through the process of acquiring a business alone. Allow knowledgeable M&A experts to assist you at every stage.

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What is included in your buy-side advisory services? + -

Our buy-side advisory services include advisory on strategy and structuring, valuation, due diligence, negotiation, and closing assistance. We work with you to develop a clear plan for buying a business, identify potentially actionable target companies, sellers willing to sell their stakes and determine the value of the business you are interested in purchasing. Later we negotiate the best possible terms for the acquisition, and assist with all aspects of closing the deal.

How do you find potential businesses to buy? + -

We use our and our partners’ extensive network of contacts and expertise in M&A to identify and approach potential sellers of businesses that meet your criteria. We also use various marketing and outreach strategies to promote your interest in acquiring a business to potential sellers.

How do you determine the value of a business I am interested in buying? + -

We use a variety of methods to determine the value of your business, including financial analysis, market research, and industry benchmarks. We work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives and use this information to come up with a fair and accurate valuation. Based on the input the correct method for appraisal is selected, whether it is asset-based valuation, non-core assets valuation (e.g. valuation of real estate, valuation of intellectual property, valuation of financial portfolio), discounted cash-flow (DCF) valuation, leverage buy-out (LBO) valuation, or relative transaction or trading companies’ valuation.

How do you negotiate the best possible terms for the acquisition of a business? + -

We have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of businesses seeking to sell. We work closely with you to understand your priorities and use our expertise to negotiate the best possible terms for the sale of your business. There are several determinants that are important apart from price, which include: sale price determination mechanism, payment terms, closing conditions (condition precedents), representations and warranties, indemnification, non-compete and non-solicitation provisions, provisions of confidentiality and transition services post-closing. Using a knowledgeable financial advisor proves useful in obtaining better terms, expediated execution and better negotiating position, with known array of alternatives to the negotiated agreement.

How do you assist with the closing process? + -

We assist with all aspects of closing the deal, including the transfer of ownership and the disbursement of funds. We support you with all analyses and elaborations potentially requested from competition protection agencies to approve the acquisition. We work closely with you and your legal team to ensure that the closing process goes smoothly and efficiently.

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